Here are a few examples of mistakes that found their way into the final product:

  • Next, remove cartilage from the laser printer. [Technology text]
  • No job to small. [Painted on the side of a trailer]
  • Enjoy solar energy free from the sun. [Advertising brochure]
  • This Subjecversity is one of the leaders in... [University handbook]
  • understanding of how to approach e-commerce...promotes the benefits that eCommerce can bring... [Business brochure]

What's wrong with these?

  • The laser printer has a cartridge, not a cartilage.
  • Simple grammatical errors are easy to make, the signwriter should have painted "No job too small".
  • The phrase "free from the sun" can also mean "without the sun", in which case solar energy definitely won't work. "Free energy from the sun" would be a better claim.
  • Word processors have a very useful global search-and-replace option. In this case the word "Unit" was replaced with "Subject" by replacing "Uni" with "Subjec" just before publication. Unfortunately the unexpected side-effect wasn't noticed until too late.
  • Consistency is difficult to achieve. Is the term "e-commerce"or "eCommerce"?

Does it really matter? Yes! Some of these small mistakes can:

  • detract from your professional image and credibility
  • distract your readers
  • confuse or mislead consumers
  • generate unwanted publicity
  • make the difference between being accepted or rejected
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